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just got a reply to my proposed variant on a stock trading strategy "I think this would probably get you harassed by the sec but yes it's higher profit [...]"

though, to be fair, minor anti-bonus points to Google for requiring specialized hardware to replace the firmware on newer devices. but they do get points back for that hardware being $15 and providing a video tutorial on building it yourself

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i now have a Business Site tm at how Business does it seem

working on making a Professional Business Webpage
why? so i can order samples from TI

remembering "lol there's a vuln in this code for odeo1 embeds" "wtf is odeo1" "a podcast site that's been defunct since 2010... wait what this is wild, they aren't defunct though their domain has expired. they had a brainstorming meeting for product ideas, engineer jack dorsey proposed an sms-based chat service called 'twttr'"

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hello this is the boot licking lawyer and today we're going to look at russia's gay propaganda law and why it's implications arent that-

hot take: the correct level of security for a PC is that it should be impossible for an attacker to remotely install any OS other than the one the machine came with, but it should be easy for the owner of the machine to install a new OS. Apple (with M1) and Google (with Chromebooks) have figured this out
bonus points to Google for letting the owner completely replace the firmware, btw

company that demands separate bank accounts for headmates

why do cw'd captionless images need a placeholder caption but non-cw'd ones don't

oh no I need a new post
vriska crab. vriscrab

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