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imagine being so mad about a blog post criticizing programming language design decisions that you ddos the site

(using Mastodon to refer to the fediverse at large because it's funny)
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just learned abt a scanning only IPP over USB driver
Internet* Printing** Protocol over Universal*** Serial**** Bus*****
* connected directly to a computer with no network involved, especially not multiple
** used for scanning
*** definitely not universal
**** on thin ice, especially for USB 3
***** not a bus

mastodon, I think:
this seems to be the only code that actually interacts with the web notification API and it only removes notifications when they're either clicked or there's too many and it replaces them with one long notification

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anyone know who I should blame for status bar notifications from Mastodon on Firefox Android not going away once I've read them in the web UI?

whenever my grandparents say "Help me with my G-Mail" i always have to keep repeating to them that actually Gmail is just the server you're on, email is actually a federated network of mail servers

the mastodon federated timeline is a great feature for allowing the experience other platforms have where random people who have never interacted with you before fight you for no reason

the fact that admins can read your dms on fedi is simply future proofing the platform for when the uk inevitably passes a law banning encryption

on one hand i really dont want to give cloudflare money but on the other hand even their paid services are way cheaper than the competition. i mean the answer is probably "you dont actually need them" but still

idea: qrt-style rendering for when you link a post from yourself (and maybe account aliases too)

lmfao apple released partial iphone service manuals and they call standoffs "super screws"

mastodon is bad because the instances just keep disappearing (daily, i swear, i know this, no i havent tried it) and you have to make a new account everytime as opposed to twitter where you get suspended every other month for telling someone harrassing you to shut up

Statement of Eugen Gargron regarding a Federated Social Media Platform.
Statment recorded by Jonathan Sims, Head Administrator of Mastodon Dot Social on 18 August 2018. Statement begins:

"Ever since I was young, everyone has called me 'website boy'..."

Your ACCOUNT starts off weak, but can go strong if you gain a lot of CLOUT. Where does CLOUT come from? Why, your BRAND, of course! Don't worry, I'll share some tips with you!
Down here, a BRAND can come through... being a... "vriska kinnie." Are you ready? Move around! Vriskapost as much as you can!

hm I have a great Post but im worried it's too easy to take seriously and i don't know how to make it less so without being unfunny

it looks like russia's federal security service tried to fake a ukranian nazi plan to execute a pro-government broadcaster

but the agents were told to make a inscription in a book with signature unclear as part of the evidence, so they literally signed it with the phrase "Signature Unclear" in russian

also as part of the evidence, they were told to get 3 SIMs, so they got some copies of The Sims 3

New fediverse users - some things here might seem a bit unfamiliar. It might help for you to create a fursona, and to start reading Homestuck. Never read Homestuck before? Don't worry, it's really very easy, I recommend using

#feditips #fedifacts

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