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The Ever Given is attempting to pass through the Suez Canal today

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"im very sorry for all of my horrific posts," i say to the floor, in tears
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okay i DID just post a youtube comment like "so much better than what they play on the radio....... i was born in the wrong generation X(" but IN MY DEFENSE it was on a video of an smb1 longplay played back in reverse

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inside you are two babas



you are awarded a dandelion

really need to get around to writing up my hot takes on the Homestuck epilogues, especially since several of them are also hot blaseball takes

mastodon is conspiring to keep me from posting spinny blahaj dot gif

the unofficial API for historical blaseball data and pluralkit used to be hosted on the same server
so, there was the high-tech monitoring method of running pk;fire to see if the server was alive

bad idea: implement an OCI extension for NixOS containers, and then implement a Kubernetes Container Runtime Interface shim that'll automatically use either Docker or NixOS containers depending on the image

it's only logging off if it comes from the signout region of france. otherwise it's just sparkling sleep

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Is telling a non-homestuck "you should read homestuck, i think you'd like vriska" a...?

I would be perfectly fine if it was, like, below wherever the pricing crosses over one load balancer rule is free but traffic is way more expensive

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Google can you please let me use Cloud CDN without paying a minimum of $18/month for a load balancer

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i would never think. why? because i don't exist

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join today, it's significantly worse, but at least it's not crumbling

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somebody's going to have to explain to ted cruz just how unlikely it is to get that many ender pearls and blaze rods

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