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forgot to cancel some random service and they dont let you cancel without paying the bill
this is "implemented" by just making the cancellation button display: none;
im a master hacker

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blaseball is for you if you ever thought "dang sports seems kind of fun but i wish everyone involved was trans and gay and also that we could do shit like, summoning demons to make games have interesting things happen"

or if you are:

a statistics nerds

a theater kid

a ttrrpg person

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@goat classic
fae (fae/faer): may i have your pronouns?
me (they/them): sure! they/them
fae (they/them): thanks :)
me ( / ): wait

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markov chain generated toot 

kitty keeps sleeping on wife router and i just,, idk,,,,, its frustrating to explain what sorcery this is a vibe but society took away all my spoons on shit i was not expecting to be really into building realistic minecraft trains and here's a better way to turn that off dhsgdjfk

(honestly not sure, pol maybe?) 

hate when someone uses bad evidence to support an overall point i agree with
i can't ignore the evidence but i'm always worried that people will see me as attacking the point...

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Pretty cool that they announced videogames 2

lmfao facebook banned news in australia

i get $700, psycholonials upd8, infinity train book 4 is announced, rush limbaugh dies, and there's a full-length nintendo direct on the same day

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re: "vague"tooting, uspol, death 


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"vague"tooting, uspol, death 

get absolutely dunked on

was thinking abt selling my RX 5700 and getting smth like a 580 in a few months
the 5700 is going for like $700, wow
torn between whether i should sell it at retail (a relatively fair price), add enough to recoup eBay fees (so i don't have to spend money in addition to what i'm making), or sell it at market value (not my problem people are desperate)

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