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hey wasn't someone joking about how if bdsp was a faithful remake it'd have the void glitch

@InvoxiPlayGames here's some random numbers
Removed due to DMCA complaint.

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Whenever a major browser makes a security change:

1. Wow this is great, cool stuff! πŸ˜€
2. Wait shit does this affect Wikidot? 😣

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Shenzhen I/O should have a realism option. When it's set to high, you need to search all over the web and pay over 200 CNY download fees in paid forums before you get the leaked datasheet you need. If you are unlucky, you have to reverse engineer the chip specification from schematics of an existing design, or if you are especially unlucky, you need to hunt all over Taobao for commercial products that internally use the chip you need for reverse engineering. #electronics

@InvoxiPlayGames she should've just chosen a username that collides with the database (this is trivial it's super insecure)

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"the physics engine gets flooded with NaNs and for years and years we assumed we were emulating a cpu instruction wrong. it turns out the game is just like that"

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@aismallard I'm still in awe that CloudFront charges extra for HTTPS separately from needing a cert

wait, in what circumstance does mastodon know a post i made has one favorite but not know who made it? i don't think activitypub allows that

I can't believe people aren't clicking on the thing I cw'd "do not click"

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Undertale, Homestuck Epilogues (+ associated CWs), do not click 

Your name is Asriel Dremur, and you know what you must do.

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@monorail I can't find a good translation but based on Google Translate I think what he meant was that even though every character having identical strengths and weaknesses could be seen as being more fair it's less fun, so balancing is more about trying to add weaknesses to counteract strengths and vice versa

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