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there's only two things money can't buy and that's true love and homegrown tomatoes

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blaseball, screen reader-unfriendly 

🩸 D O Y O U R E M E M B E R 🩸

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🩸 Do you remember before? 🩸

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drilbot used my prompt

@sidd_harth0_5h4h fwiw it might not be as bad as it seems here, though i can't find many sources
the original source here seems to be a book called "Memorializing Motherhood"
i don't have the book, but in an interview the author says Anna Jarvis had dementia: nationalgeographic.com/culture
additionally, a mental floss article says that it was "party paid for by a group of grateful florists" but doesn't provide any sources: mentalfloss.com/article/30659/
so on one extreme Anna Jarvis could've been perfectly sane and a nationwide florist chain bribed the doctor to diagnose her with dementia, and on the other extreme she could've had severe dementia and was placed in a mental hospital, with a local florist generously keeping her family out of debt
i doubt either of those are exactly true, though, it's almost definitely somewhere in between

@aismallard oh and
to reduce burnout blaseball has a schedule consisting of three week "on-seasons" and two week "off-seasons"
during the off-seasons nothing happens (though they usually made some changes to the site the last sunday night before the on-season)

@aismallard also similar vibes i think. they both are completely incomprehensible from the outside but have an enormous community and make perfect sense if you're a fan

@aismallard yeah that explanation makes very little sense but it's funny. the other explanations are more useful

@aismallard there's also the description on blaseball dot com

Blaseball is baseball at your mercy. Baseball perfected. Our players are inhuman. They play day and night. Rain or shine. They never grow sick. They never tire.
This is our gift to you — the Fans. We hear your prayers at trade deadlines. We suffer your DH debates. No more. Democracy returns to the national pastime. Each week, you vote to remake the league in your own image. Everything from rules to rosters is in your hands.
Of course, votes aren’t free. Cash is king. So do what you do best. Gamble. Betting is allowed and encouraged. But parents fear not — your currencies and credit cards have no value here. Blaseball deals in its own dollar.
Seasons run Monday to Friday. The Postseason runs on Saturday. On Sunday, we rest.
Your first vote is on us. The fate of the league is on you.
Rejoice. Play ball.

i'm terrible at explaining this so here's a few explanations from different people

it's an online massively multiplayer legacy baseball sim that takes place in a capitalist hellscape ruled over by malevolent gods, and which the fans change every week through broken democratic systems. every season is a week long, it started as a simple baseball sim and has since jumped realities and resulting in the fans killing a peanut god that would show up and yell at everyone

(source: one of the devs)

Blaseball is an online browser baseball simulation horror game[1] developed by The Game Band. [...] Blaseball centers on an absurdist simulation of baseball,[3] with fictional teams including the Kansas City Breath Mints, the Philly Pies, and the Baltimore Crabs, featuring random events such as the "incineration" of players by "rogue umpires".[4] Each player has a name and a star rating, which is used to determine their stats.[5] After their first log-in, users choose a favorite team and are given some coins.[6] The game allows users to use these coins to bet on the outcomes of the simulated games.[7][8] Fans can also "idol" players and earn coins based on their performance. Each season lasts a week, and users are able to follow what happens in real time. The matches are organized every day on the hour, while the post-season happens in two parts with wild card matches and quarterfinals happening on Friday and semifinals and finals happening on Saturday. Users are able to use their coins to vote on events and rule changes that will happen after each season on Sunday.[9] [...] Blaseball is known for its sizeable fan community, which has developed a deep lore around the game and its teams. Fans have also contributed by creating art and social media accounts for Blaseball players, leagues, sportscasters and union representatives.[15][16][17] The Blaseball community often uses its platform to engage in charity and activism, including charitable donations through the collectively-run merchandise store Blaseball Cares,[18] campaigning for Nithya Raman for LA council,[19] and running a series of Industrial Workers of the World union training courses.[20][21]

(source: Wikipedia)

It’s easy to describe, but hard to explain fully. On the surface, Blaseball is a browser-based baseball simulation with absurdist elements. [...] But Blaseball’s simplicity belies its surreal side. The simulation is full of systems and events that paint a picture of a strange and sinister world. New players are birthed from eggs and can be replaced by copies from a parallel dimension. Strange deities turn up on a weekly basis, demanding to be worshipped or talking ominously about how hungry they are — oh, and the umpires sometimes incinerate people. Blaseball has many layers, and after peeling back just a few of them, you may find yourself among its legions of fans, bewildering friends and family with excited outbursts of utter nonsense.

(source: Syfy)

Blaseball is an internet game created by The Game Band that launched in mid-July of 2020. There are 20 fictional teams who play fictional games every hour on the hour, Monday-Friday. At the end of the week, there is a playoff. The winner of the playoff is the Champion. Cool! Easy enough. The main page at Blaseball.com shows a scoreboard of every game currently playing with a play-by-play ticker. This is not unlike the sidebar on ESPN or the scroll at the bottom of any MLB game. You can see the score, and the basic baseball diamond silhouette, shaded at times when there are runners. Seems pretty straightforward. Except none of the teams exist outside of a server, and some of the players have been raised from the dead.

(source: Defector)

Blaseball is a splort in which 20 teams compete under the Internet League Blaseball organization, day and night, rain or shine, and at the behest of us fans who vote to remake the league in our own image.
Blaseball is a browser game developed by The Game Band, about an absurdist simulation of baseball that is almost entirely depicted in text. Strange features include random incinerations that force team players to be replaced, Forbidden Rule Books, or peanuts raining from the sky that induce allergic reactions.
Blaseball is a fan simulator: you don’t play Blaseball, you watch it. Gameplay involves choosing a favorite team, placing bets on simulated matches to earn coins (all in fictional currency), then spending those coins to benefit your team at the end of the week. With luck and a bit of strategizing with fellow fans, your team just might win the championship!
Community & fandom involvement is also a huge draw. Because the presentation of Blaseball is so bare, but the descriptions & names are so evocative, there is a wide gap of imagination that the community has filled in with incredible art, fan lore, and more (we’re talkin’ music albums, radio mockumentaries, play-by-play livestreams — the community is incredible).

(source: semi-official Blaseball FAQ)

also gonna try explaining it myself: it's a fake baseball video game with ridiculous rules that make no sense that's also political satire and a great framework for huge amounts of fan content. The Garages, a Blaseball-themed band, are one of the top Bandcamp creators in Seattle
despite the minimalism, the writing is fantastic: it's received a nomination at the 2021 Hugo Awards for Best Video Game, was a finalist at the 2021 Nebula Awards for Best Game Writing, and at the upcoming 2021 Independent Game Festival is an honorable mention for the grand prize and Excellence in Narrative, and is a finalist for the Nuovo Award

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