@monorail someone's already made the obvious spamton joke right

@monorail I wonder what would happen if someone tried to use pokemon energy as magic lands or vice versa and just didn't say anything

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i wonder how much Adobe Illustrator I would need to learn to make joke infographics that are prolific enough that right wing reactionaries start making content about obvious satire

re: the rust meta 

@AgathaSorceress also note that the "false accusation" they link to is her saying she's sure some people were uncomfortable to node when someone on the TSC tweeted an article about how having a code of conduct is bad because free speech (which he did)

re: the rust meta 

@AgathaSorceress yeah I doubt this is related. the wasm core team is unrelated to either the core team or mod team and this person is a former member and not a current one

re: the rust meta 

@AgathaSorceress "allegedly because Ashley Williams was mean to white men" this is years old drama at this point, I don't think it's related

wish I could delete other people's posts on twitter. single user mastodon is nice like that (only affects my instance ofc)

@InvoxiPlayGames fwiw they very explicitly do log file names, hashes, and processes in some enterprise scenarios. I think it's iffier for consumer stuff though

@Paravellex megalovania (actually a vriska and toriel song. I will not elaborate)

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synapse has some hilarious vulnerability that's so bad that they need to inform people of the upcoming release so they can adopt it as soon as possible, so let us be thankful that matrix is a true federated system running on many different software packages, could you imagine if this wasn't the case, how bad a situation like this could be

@0x4A6F was hoping my open PR would be merged first
any maintainer can nominate for a backport now though, right?

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@evelyn huh, by my math the thinkcentre m83 is 32L?

@InvoxiPlayGames yes but its still not even a comparison with 4chan

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