@celesteh @maia worried the initial reply came off as an insult that was absolutely not the intention

@celesteh @maia the joke is supposed to be like. i don't want ANYONE to interact with me. i would just delete it at this point but i don't think that'd get rid of the notification

@celesteh @maia okay I'm tired try and figure it out. the joke isn't a direct reply to be clear

@celesteh @maia wait I don't think I managed to make this joke make sense

@emma like. ive tried other video editors that on one hand don't crash but on the other hand give a way worse final product

@emma I've mostly used kdenlive. it's buggy and crashes a lot but works in the end so that's something

am i the only one who instinctively makes an edit when someone suggests it

@charlotte Ryzen 5000 isn't as good but it still lasts way longer than any other laptop I've had

@cryptid read this in the kernel development sense fml

@Griever jsyk I linked this in the crabitat 7 hours after you posted the original joke in a different channel and nobody told me and I'm still mad a year later

you ever think abt how nephrite steven universe, a character introduced in the very first episode, was revealed to be facet-413

re: CurseForge API proxying 

@charlotte fwiw an employee said on their official discord that checking your API key into a public git repo is fine

@quasar wait this is literally the birthday paradox

@quasar huh there's only one post between this and someone else saying it's their birthday on my timeline

ad libbing lyrics to Sunsetter outside at 12:30am on a Sunday night

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