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@aismallard I won LinkedIn (set my position to Vriska at Crab and set up a mail rule to delete all email from LinkedIn)

@junebug esp if it was still 3d but with clever shaders to make it look handdrawn

@monorail there are tbh. my domains are split across tons of registrars, I just get them from wherever it's cheapest, and I've never had major problems

@quasar @SophiaSurname I don't remember this but I'm sick and just woke up, so

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The Joker chuckled. "You mean the Normal Emeralds?"

@monorail to be clear I'm not trying to say your opinion is wrong, I'm just trying to say that I did give them a chance and I still don't like them

@monorail also them inheriting permissions from the channel they're in is absolutely terrible. I'm in several servers that use threads and I have never wanted to receive push notifications for one

@monorail I think the biggest thing is that slack is mainly for private groups and discord is mainly for public groups
threads are nearly impossible to moderate
on slack that doesn't matter, but on discord that means you pretty much have to turn them off on any moderately large server

@monorail threads are a good idea but the implementation is really, really bad

@InvoxiPlayGames I prefer mpd to mopidy but also mpd is even less like what you're looking for

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@monorail isn't sertraline an antidepressant and not for blood pressure?

lmfao my school didn't require masks and within a week they had over 100 students quarantine

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