If you woke up tomorrow in a white room, and were told that your life was a simulation you chose to enter; and you were given the option of resuming your status quo life with no recollection of being awoken, what would you say?


@cadey I would have quite a few questions but assuming I won't get an answer than probably no

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@cadey two main ones being "why did I enter the simulation originally" and "are other people in the simulation real or simulated"

1. you entered it out of your own free will.
2. maybe.

@cadey @leo I think the reality of the other people is the key question. I think often of this PostSecret card: postsecretcollection.com/PostC

I find the idea of faking my own death and starting over completely very compelling, but aside from it being a sort of suicide, I have commitments to people. I am part of their support networks; whatever my faults, people do sometimes reach out for help. The reality of them and their needs affects the ethics of leaving them in the lurch.

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