only five players

strongest player at the store gets a bye round 1, both other games draw. so the one person who hasn't played is winning

round 2 i drew as well, and round 3 i lost to that strongest player

so even though i didn't win a round i was pretty happy

my draft deck today that i actually think was pretty good 

1x Alchemist's Gambit
1x Bleed Dry
1x Blood Petal Celebrant
1x Bloodcrazed Socialite
1x Bloodvial Purveyor
1x Courier Bat
2x Daybreak Combatants
1x Desperate Farmer // Depraved Harvester
1x Dreadfeast Demon
3x Flame-Blessed Bolt
1x Gluttonous Guest
1x Kessig Flamebreather
1x Lacerate Flesh
1x Ragged Recluse // Odious Witch
1x Restless Bloodseeker // Bloodsoaked Reveler
1x Sanguine Statuette
2x Sure Strike
1x Weary Prisoner // Wrathful Jailbreaker

9x Swamp
9x Mountain

B/R blood tokens kinda but i actually got very little benefit from my blood payoffs, mostly just used them for filtering my hand and that was honestly enough

wait is that 41 cards

i used an app to scan them so i wouldn't have to type them all out but i might have done it wrong

i won a game with that [[Alchemist's Gambit]] and it ruled

i had it in my opening hand and came so close to being able to win with it so many times

like "okay i got out [[Blodvial Purveyor]] and they have no fliers, i just have to get in once and if they don't have effects then i take the extra turn and that's lethal" nope, [[Sigarda’s Imprisonment]]

then "ok, got [[Weary Prisoner]] flipped, if i can get in with it then i take the extra turn and that's lethal" nope, i'm forced to attack into [[Toxic Scorpion]] which takes it out

what finally did it wasn't even a single creature, it was just a few small things to alpha strike with.


@monorail someone's already made the obvious spamton joke right

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