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so tl;dr for the whole thing, which might not be entirely accurate but it's all the information that's available right now

• someone on the core team did something ✨ Controversial ✨. one of the other people on the core team said it was Ashley Williams
• the 3 moderation team members resigned, allegedly because Ashley Williams was mean to white men (which the other core team member called "racism and sexism")

re: the rust meta 

@AgathaSorceress "allegedly because Ashley Williams was mean to white men" this is years old drama at this point, I don't think it's related

re: the rust meta 

@leo i think it was related because they cited it in the hackernews post tho?

re: the rust meta 

Pauan, a former rust wasm core team member

this post is from a few months ago, which is apparently when this whole thing started, and people in the rust subreddit keep pointing at it so that's what I'm going off

re: the rust meta 

@AgathaSorceress yeah I doubt this is related. the wasm core team is unrelated to either the core team or mod team and this person is a former member and not a current one


re: the rust meta 

@AgathaSorceress also note that the "false accusation" they link to is her saying she's sure some people were uncomfortable to node when someone on the TSC tweeted an article about how having a code of conduct is bad because free speech (which he did)

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