@leo those issues sure we're critical :p
Good on them

@viabeans wait do you know what the issues were
i've looked at the source and i can't even really tell what they actually fixed

@leo not really? I should've mentioned I was being sarcastic sorry!

Wdym by the source though?

@viabeans i just decompiled 1.17-rc1 and 1.17-rc2 and diffed the resulting trees

@leo hmmm
No clue then
It might just be a line they add to the patch notes because they have a quota of versions to release before an official snapshot?

@viabeans there definitely are changed, i just can't tell what they're actually supposed to fix

  • change the version number in several places
  • a bunch of tweaks to if and try blocks that might just be compiler weirdness
  • spawn eggs in dispensers now catch and log exceptions instead of letting them propagate
  • legacy skins now have more error checking
  • resource packs now fall back to FileSystems.newFileSystem for any exception from FileSystems.getFileSystem, not just FileSystemNotFoundException

@viabeans for the spawn eggs thing i wonder if there was some exploit that would let a creative player crash a server?

@leo huh
yeah i'm just guessing at this point what issues mojang was trying to solve with those changes

As long as it doesn't crop up more security issues (which it probably doesn't)

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