gonna find a toblerone and ask hussie the history of the editor sollux was using
is it vi with an alias? how did he get that alias set up in the first place? which variant of vi is it? or maybe it's actually full-on vim shortened for brevity?
alternatively, is Alternian vim called vii instead, both standing for vi Improved?
how did vi originally reach Alternia? pure coincidence, or were time shenanigans involved?

hussie should do an ama specifically for ridiculous questions like this that absolutely nobody cares about

@leo WAIT I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE WHO SAW THE ~ marks on the left side of the screen. I like to think some errant goldblood called Brammo Olenr just came up with a quicker editor because goldbloods in general probably need more efficient software to keep up with them.

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