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multimc discourse 

i think someone who isn't a white supremacist and also hasn't made questionable statements about rape should develop a qt5-based minecraft launcher. just my opinion though

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begpost, please boost 

so i hate how often i currently have to ask for money, but it's now more pressing than ever. we have literally completely ran out of money and it's not really clear when we will next get more money than just enough to cover bills.

we don't really have any food left either and are currently scraping by on snacks with our last like 15 bucks. (paypal allows us to order takeout immediately, cc/bank allows us to buy food/pay bills in a few days)

you can also support us on a regular basis via github sponsors or liberapay:

i have four ostensibly identical DIMMs from gskill (8GB DDR4-3000 CL16)
two are manufactured june 2019 and have 8 8Gbit Hynix AFR chips
two are manufactured july 2020 and have 16 4Gbit Hynix CJR chips

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hot take: curl | bash is fine
if i'm installing a program i presumably trust the author of that program. and even if the installer is perfectly legitimate i'm not any better off if the program itself is malicious than if the installer was

i have had 3 cups of coffee and 15 minutes feels like an hour

hyped for css animations level 2𝑖, which allows controlling presentation starting before the user views the page

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Of course, when I said I completed Oneshot, I completed the entire thing on windows vista, the best way to complete modern games

just leveled up in open source by receiving veiled legal threats in the comments of a nixpkgs pr

(yes this is subtle epiloguesposting but I did actually want these)

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should I eat a crepe or a burger
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haha remember when people hoped 2022 might be better



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I've decided to not undergo any more character development, what you see is what you get babey

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si units of truth, relevance, and essentiality

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