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am i the only one who instinctively makes an edit when someone suggests it

you ever think abt how nephrite steven universe, a character introduced in the very first episode, was revealed to be facet-413

ad libbing lyrics to Sunsetter outside at 12:30am on a Sunday night


It's an honor to make art for a LOFAM album, I've been listening to the older ones since I was a teenager. You could say that with this art I fulfilled a Pipe Dream.

i am going to destroy you

remember that day when Grimes was dating Chelsea Manning, NATO briefed TikTok stars, and there was an Amazon ad featuring Aradia and Tavros

is the winner of eurovision called the eurovisionary

re: absolutely garbage tier take I saw and am in awe of 

wait actually this isn't paraphrased I am simply bad at words

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absolutely garbage tier take I saw and am in awe of 

(paraphrased) "Isn't [banning people for being transphobic elsewhere] basically the same thing as kiwifarms?"

feels like the posts here are getting more incomprehensible by the day

cherry mx nonbinary honorific has anyone made this joke

being a Computer Knower is good because when you're fighting with your computers it can be more personal. instead of "my phone is being weird" try "wow, I hate you too, SystemUI"

it's called "beyond canon" because it's a vegetable based canon substitute

@skyplayer Jerma played Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe and a developer was helping him but instead of doing it via twitch chat like a normal person they just kept adding text to the website addressing Jerma

still think it's really funny how until 2013 the US government was legally barred from distributing propaganda via radio to US citizens but doing that in other countries was fine (now they can do it everywhere)

there's a twitter bot a lot of people use that I think works like @MTGCardLookup. originally it just replied to anyone on twitter who mentioned an scp but that was very short lived since twitter moderation was not happy abt that

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