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mastodon please stop giving me the same 7 notifications I have read them

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birdsite screenshot, homestuck, ???????? 


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homestuck, psycholonials (discourse-free zone) 

finally flare (green sun remix) gets an album release

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there is no problem basil will not handle with fists

this homestuck video should not be perceived

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🚨 BREAKING: new chrome 0day found where if u open chrome and navigate to sci-hub you can get scientific papers for free

trying to retrain GPT-2 1558M on blaseball fanfic
no idea what i'm doing but this is an impressive nonsense generator

fresh fish (the same, anyway) and the main meal has a side dish of a fried cornmeal crust and a plate of "fruity corn" (the name of the food isn't revealed). They then proceed to eat everything on the table.

*The [[Charleston Shoe Thieves|Shoe Thieves]] were replaced by the [[Charleston Shoe Thieves|Shoe Thieves]].

Noodle joined the [[Boston Flowers]], after her [[Tlopps Blaseball Cards#Noodles|'''Tlopps''']] blessing,[2] and has since become one of the most iconic players on the team.

fake weapons 

keyboard people having a normal one

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shit its homestuck day?? shit shit fuck oh god fuck shit oh no f

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